Visit the Solomon Temple Barn

on the Heath Fairgrounds


Historic farm tools, looms, spinning wheels and agricultural machinery are on display in the Solomon Temple Barn. Built by Solomon Temple on his property on Avery Brook Road in the 1770s, the barn remained there for nearly two centuries.


In 1993, the barn was donated by the Rev. Richard Gary and his wife Dorothy to the Heath Historical Society. In the spring of that year, a new foundation was laid at the Heath Fairgrounds; in the fall the barn was meticulously dismantled, with each piece’s original location noted for reassembly in its new home. In May of 1994, in the culmination of the effort and support of well over a hundred people — society members, community members, and businesses—the barn was reassembled on its current site, and dedicated to the preservation of Heath agricultural artifacts, and the education of future generations about the farming culture of Heath.


“These venerable barn members surrounding us today have withstood 8 or 9 major wars, a devastating depression, severe forest fires and innumerable onslaughts by the weather. Yet here they stand, straight and tall as the trees they once were, and wearing their new raiment proudly.” - Barn Dedication Speech, M.E.C. Howland, 1994