Truck and Tractor Pulls


Friday, August 18, 5:30

Check in at the Pulling Track, Enter at Gate 2 or 3

  • Antique Tractors aged 1965 or older allowed for the pull.
  • 2-wheel drive only
  • No chains, no crawlers, no excessive modifications allowed.
  • Tractors should be basically stock.
  • A safe drawbar to accept a 6-inch hook at a maximum height of 20 inches is needed. A clevis hook with a 3-inch diameter is highly recommended. 
  • All weight must be secure, no loose weights allowed. 
  • Tractors will be weighed on a scale.
  • Starting order for weight classes will be lightest to heaviest.  


Saturday August 19, 10 AM

Open to Adult and Youth

Check-in is at 9 AM at the Pulling Track

Enter at Gate 2 or 3

Rain or Shine as Long as It’s Safe

Trophies Awarded


Ben Eastman 413-624-3416

Robert Boyd 802-380-2371 


  • The registration fee is $20 per tractor. Only one pit crew member per tractor is permitted in the pit area. Wristbands will be issued. No more than one driver per tractor per heat.
  •  Check-in at the pulling track, all drivers and crew members must be present at that time.
  • A complete waiver and application need to be filled in for all entrants.


Youth Only (Ages 5 to 18) ……….Stock 900#, 1000#

Adult and Youth …………..………1200#, 1400#, 1600#

  • No professional pulling tires allowed for the stock class
  • Helmets, shoes, and shirts are required. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Inspection of mowers will take place the day of the event. There must be wheelie bars on all lawn mowers. Wheelie bar will be inspected at the time of entry. Wheelie bars must hold up tractors. The Tractors front end cannot raise over 18" in height. No training wheels. Strictly Stock tractors are the ONLY tractors that don’t need wheelie bars. Stock tractors must remain stock from factory: stock turf tires and muffler.
  • Mowing deck must be removed for safety reasons. Governor may be adjusted. Maximum of 25hp or less ALLOWED. MODIFICATION TO EXHAUST IS ALLOWED. You can use 2 motors on a lawn mower, but you will have to run it ONLY in the 1600 lbs. class and cannot exceed more than 25 hp.
  • Tires can be filled. Chains are not allowed, weight may be added for stability. Weights and anything attached to the tractor must be properly secured. If the objects are not properly secured, they may have to be removed. No weights on seat. May not use weights as a seat. Nothing strapped on the hood. Driver must have a seat on tractor.
  •  All pull hitches can be made but they must have a hitch of 12 inches or less and must be solid to hold pull. Also, must have a 2" ring for the hitch.
  • Pull will be 25ft long. Each tractor will be pulling 35 lb. blocks. Weight can go up to 3000 lbs. if tractor will pull.
  • No standing up on lawn mower when lawn mower is in the middle of a pull. If this is done, the entrant will be disqualified.
  • Track Marshall’s word is final.
  • No one younger than 5 years is allowed

SPECIAL RULES for Age 5 to 12 years

  • A responsible adult can help the child put the tractor in gear and back up to the boat. They cannot get on or run the tractor for them.
  • Once the tractor is hitched, the responsible adult may not touch the tractor unless an emergency arises. If the tractor is touched the puller will be disqualified. If tractor stops pull is over.
  • The driver must put arms in air and keep feet clear from the pedal when at the starting line.
  • Driver must have a parent or responsible adult walk along side as they pull. 
  • If you have time, please spend some time with the child on the tractor backing up and stopping to have a safe pull.
  • Any un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and will lead to automatic disqualification.

Thank you for coming and have fun.



Saturday at 5:00 PM

Enter at Gate 2 or 3, Check in at the Pulling Track, 

$30 entry fee, Cash prizes and trophies,

The driver and one pit crew member are eligible for free entry.


Stock gas

Enhanced gas 6200 #

Work stock diesel 8500 #

Enhanced gas 6800 #

Diesel enhanced 3.0

Open 10,000 #


Truck Pull Rules: 

1. All Entrants must have a valid driver’s license. 

2. All stock class participating trucks must be street legal, registered, and insured. 

3. Those under 18 shall require parental/guardian authorization to pull. 

4. Driver must have complete control at all times. No Hot-Rodding while on the track or pit. 

5. Tires must be street legal. 

6. All weight must be secure. You will be disqualified if anything falls off your truck. 

7. Unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification. 

8. Any vehicle that leaves the boundaries of the course while pulling will be disqualified. 

9. Hitch height of 26 in. maximum. 

10. All vehicles must be in neutral or park while being hooked to sled. 

11. Seat belts are recommended. 

12. Number one puller is the test puller. They may or may not count the test pull —must decide while still hitched.  If test pull is not counted, must pull immediately. 

13. Only mechanical failure will allow puller to move to back of the line. 

14. 75 ft. rule for mis-starts, wrong gear, etc. Only one more try. 

15. Air bags are okay at proper height. 

16. Street stock class must have a stock motor. No headers.  

17. 10,000 lb. Open class may have dual wheels pulling.  All other classes, only 4 wheels. 

18. No nitrous oxide, blowers, or superchargers. No propane injection on diesel engines. 

Please contact Matt Clark with any questions:  413-337-4730