Heath Fair 2019 August 16, 17, 18
Heath Fair 2019August 16, 17, 18

Zucchini Races Saturday  


Take Place in the Kids Games Area from 1 to 3 p.m.
General Rules
All cars must start by gravity from a standstill, at the starting point. No pushing is allowed. To finish, the car whose nose is the first to cross the finish line is the winner. The race official(s) will decide the winner, and if the result is too close to call, a second race will be run. If any car leaves the track, the race can be restarted. If the same car leaves again, the car is eliminated.
Zucchini Racer Specifications:
· Race car must be made of a real zucchini and must be built by the racer. 

· Vehicles should be constructed using a whole, freshly carved zucchini. (Moldy cars will probably fall apart!)   Absolutely no motors, rubber bands or mechanical aids.  All power will be supplied by the ramp (gravity). 
· Wheel axles must be incorporated into the zucchini itself.  It’s not acceptable to just attach a zucchini to an existing “vehicle” that rolls.  This means no attaching a zucchini to a skateboard, roller skate, toy car, etc.   Wheels can be any type – wooden, metal, vegetable, or plastic.

· The zucchini racer must be sturdy enough to compete in multiple races.
· Decorate and name your zucchini racer.  Decorations adorning the zucchini may extend no more than 1 inch from the “front end” of the zucchini.  The entire zucchini racer may be no wider than 8 inches, including wheels and decorations.

Start scouting your garden patch for your most aerodynamic looking zucchini!


Your zucchini racer will race down a track aided by gravity—but creativity is encouraged in making your entry.  Souped-up squash are welcome for this garden Grand-Prix.  “Drivers” can be included or cars can be driverless. An online search of “zucchini racing” will provide some ideas.

Don’t see any promising looking zukes?  Don’t have a garden?

We will have some spare squash and materials on hand for last-minute entries starting at 1:30 pm.

Have extra zucchini in your garden?  We will take donations for on-the-spot car creators—the bigger the better!


Winners will be awarded in each of the following categories: 

Child  6-9 years, Youth  10-13 years, 

Teen 14-18 years,  Adult 19 and up.


 See some examples below

Heath Fair

Presented by the

Heath Agricultural Society

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