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Have you ever made rope or tasted a “mortgage lifter” tomato? If not, then the Heath Fair Agricultural Tent is the place for you.

Here you can relive our agricultural past and see what our future could be. Write with a quill pen that you make yourself, shell corn with an antique sheller, light a light bulb with a bicycle-powered generator, or make butter or ice cream the old-fashioned way.

Come and sit down with weavers and learn what their craft is all about or sample our selection of heirloom tomatoes. You may be surprised at how good a tomato can taste.


Kids of all ages are amazed as the antique rope winder turns bailing twine into rope, and the younger set love to milk our cow. If the weather cooperates, we will cook with a solar cooker. We also have a selection of videos on topics of local interest.

New this year, we are planning on constructing bluebird houses and playing birdsong bingo. We also have a couple of other fun ideas in the works.

This is just some of what you can do in the Agricultural Tent. The tent is always looking for help and new ideas, so if any of this interests you, please contact Bob Delisle at 337-5716 or


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