Heath Fair 100th Music

Sneak preview of just a few of the bands coming to the Heath Fair


Sweetback Sisters


“. . .True to the roots of early country, bristles with the energy of the very best young american performers."  - Sing Out!


“. . . gorgeous girl-on-girl harmonies over swell honky-tonk melodies . . . Trust us: these guys are brilliant!"

—NBC New York

Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem


“One of America's most inventive string bands” — The Boston Herald


“Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem dig deep into their collective souls, finding joy in the moment, peace in the harmonies, and rapture in the rhythmic drive.”

—Hartford Courant


     For Patty, Melissa, Scotty, and Travis, it really is a family affair. This foursome stretches their biological connections through to their creative tissue as the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band (DFJB), an incomparable collective with a Jazz/Americana/Soul/Folk sound that, by all reasonable accounts, functions quite nicely, thank you. As the history of their marvelous and complex family relationships comes out in their music, it is clear that this is a community, a truly relational organism. The way they work, the way they live, and the way they make music is an expression of family, through and through.

—Band Bio

Zoe Darrow


     Zoë Darrow is an accomplished fiddler and musician of rare intensity and expressive range who grew up playing Cape Breton and other Celtic music on a sheep farm in Blandford, Massachusetts. She released her first recording in 2001 at the age of 12, with her band the Fiddleheads. The Valley Advocate named them "Best Celtic Band” in 2007 and Celtic Heritage Magazine acclaimed Zoë as an artist “destined to add savory spice to the global mix.”

Zoe Darrow Bio

Photo by Guillaume Morin


Bright Lines


 Bright Lines can take you to Memphis, Detroit, and the Texas Panhandle. Original rockabilly. country. Indie-folk. Blues. Mountain harmonies over scorching steelwork can  take you deep into the roots of rock-n-roll.

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